Sunday, March 1, 2009

TURF Lobby Day March 3 at the Capitol

TURF is holding a Lobby Day in Austin on Tuesday, March 3, to allow the legislators to hear from the grass-roots groups that are against the Trans-Texas Corridor, against tolling existing highway lanes, for more protection against eminent domain, and against forced national computer ID of every farm animal.

TURF’s message:

"Join us for Lobby Day in Austin, March 3!

"Having been in Austin many times since the session started, it's clear the Legislature is waffling on being tough on TxDOT and bringing much needed resolution on toll road policies and the Trans Texas Corridor. From wanting to raid public employee retirement funds to finance risky toll projects, and to hand over our highway system to foreign toll operators, to allowing the conversion of existing freeways into tollways and looking the other way when our reckless highway department engages in lobbying with taxpayer money, TEXANS must STAND-UP and demand that these irresponsible practices come to an END! We'll have t-shirts for folks to wear (suggested donation $10) so we can communicate our message around the Capitol.

"Meet at the South Capitol entrance at 9 a.m.

"We plan to have our group introduced from the House floor sometime between 10 & 10:30 AM, then you can spend time with your legislators to voice your concerns, do lunch at the Capitol Grill, and hear from some of our 'Good Guy' legislators between 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM before heading home."

If you can’t make TURF Lobby Day in person, you can still contact your Representative and Senator.
Find out who represents you here.
You may also contact each representative by calling the Capitol switchboard: (512) 463-4630.

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