Monday, March 23, 2009

Authors of latest gubernatorial poll respond to Burka

Yet another interesting update on the recent KBH/Gov. 39% poll analyzed by Paul Burka.

On March 21, Burka was re-thinking his first response to the UT poll in this post.

Perry camp touts UT poll results to national GOP activists, media–but is the methodology accurate?

Now a response from the pollsters, posted by Eileen Smith on the burkablog.

Texas Politics Project Responds

The blog includes a detailed explanation by Jim Henson and Daron Shaw of UT, plus some more interesting comments by readers, giving a lot of back and forth on desirable polling procedures and what the results may show. This could go on for a long time with little agreement in views on polling. Suffice it to say that all this polling in the gubernatorial race has started early, and we will be following it with great interest up to the 2010 primary.

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