Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farm Bureau asks for support for bills against eminent domain

Two bills have been filed to give more protection to Texas landowners from eminent domain—in the Senate, SB 18 by Sen. Craig Estes and in the House, HB 1483 by Representative Pitts. The Texas Farm Bureau is supporting these bills, as it supported the bill that was passed by both houses in the 2007 session before Gov. 39% vetoed it.

The Farm Bureau asks, “Please request your Senator or Representative to co-author SB 18 by Sen. Estes or HB 1483 by Representative Pitts. These bills are almost identical to HB 2006 that was passed and vetoed by the Governor in the last session. It is critical that we have enough co-authors to demonstrate an ability to override any potential veto.”

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