Tuesday, March 17, 2009

KBH STILL ahead of Perry--latest poll

The latest poll on the gubernatorial race continues the trend of Kay Bailey Hutchison running well ahead of Gov. 39% among Republican primary voters.

W. Gardner Selby has the report at the Statesman:


He notes, “A wide-ranging poll . . . suggests afresh that GOP Gov. Rick Perry would trail U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison if their March 2010 primary were held at this time.”

The poll is from the UT Government Department and surveyed 800 residents state-wide between February 24 and March 6.

All poll results are here:

The pertinent question is 28, which asked only registered GOP primary voters, “If the 2010 Republican Primary election for governor were held today, would you vote for [rotate names] Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison, someone else, or haven’t you thought about it enough to have an opinion?”
1. Perry 29%
2. Hutchison 37%
3. Someone else 10%
4. Undecided 24%

This poll lowers him from Gov. 39% to Gov. 29%.

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