Saturday, March 21, 2009

Burka rethinks his analysis of the latest KBH/Perry poll

Very interesting analysis of the latest KBH/Gov. 39% poll by Paul Burka.

The UT poll showed the race seeming to tighten, and in a previous post, Burka called it bad news for the Hutchison campaign. However, he has done more research into the methodology and concludes:

"When I first wrote about the poll, I said that it was good news for Perry, bad news for Hutchison. I’m not comfortable enough with the poll’s methodology to let that comment stand."

Also look at the very interesting reader comments on the post. I especially like the reference to the PBMT:

"Wow! Didn’t take PBMT (”Perry Blog Management Team”) long, did it? Methinks thou protesteth a bit much."

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