Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coupland Incorporation--What Next?

Jack Piper, Co-Chair of the Coupland Incorporation Committee, reports the following info:

First of all, thank you to the Coupland community for allowing us to maintain the right to decide the appropriate path for Coupland. We can now make the decisions for our citizens to ensure we remain a small farming and ranching community.

The first step is to elect the city officials; this includes the mayor, five aldermen, and a marshal. The election has been set for May 11. Without this step, nothing else can officially happen.

Several members of the Incorporation Committee along with any and all concerned citizens can meet and discuss issues which will affect Coupland’s future. Several that come to mind are:

• Zoning

• Ordinances

• Taxes

• Other revenue opportunities

Hopefully, we can come up with a document to present to the newly elected officials, as a recommendation only. We would like to start this committee and begin meeting in February.