Friday, September 5, 2008

HD 52 nominees speak about Trans-Texas Corridor

Recently, the Hutto Economic Development Corporation hosted a forum between the nominees to replace Mike Krusee in HD 52—Dem. Diana Maldonado and Rep. Bryan Daniel. Eye on Williamson has reported on their stands on various issues, including transportation funding. Both nominees had come out against the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) at the Candidate Forum hosted by the Coupland Civic Organization during primary season. According to quotes from the Hutto forum, they both seem to still oppose it.

Regarding toll roads, including the TTC, Maldonado wants roads to serve local communities: “I’ve spoken with voters in Thrall, Coupland and Granger. They do not want a superhighway going through their property. . . . If it does not serve the people of Williamson County, I will not support it. I-35 is good for business and the TTC is not.”

Daniel said, “The rural and urban constituents in House District 52 have different needs. Privatization is taking away taxpayer dollars. It is not as efficient. There is no input from the people who are going to use the road.”

The entire entry is posted on dated September 4, 2008.

Maldonado and Daniel make their case before Hutto EDC