Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Continuing "391 Commission" news on Texas 391 Commission blog

Thanks to Texas 391 Commission Alliance blog

for publishing our report on the presentation by Dan Byfield, Mayor Mae Smith, and Ralph Snyder to the Coupland Civic Organization meeting. Our post was "Dan Byfield on 391 Commissions, TTC." from April 4.

Visit the 391 Commission blog for continuing news about all nine Texas 391 Commissions and the "coordination" process that requires state agencies, including TxDOT to coordinate their plans and projects with local communities that are protected by 391 Commissions.

It is the Eastern Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission, the 391 in Bell County, that has held up the Final Environmental Impact Statement for TTC-35 in the Federal Highway Administration by formally demanding a supplemental study for the 26 required environmental issues that TxDOT did not address in the original Draft Environmental Impact statement.

Bravo, guys!

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