Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on April 21 hearing on HB 11 to kill the Corridor

Helpful info from TURF's Terri Hall about the procedure and timing of Tuesday's hearing for HB 11--to KILL the CORRIDOR, plus the other important bills HB 13 and HB 9/HJR 9.

Terri says:

HELP US FINALLY KILL THE TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR & TOLLS ON EXISTING ROADS! We need you and your organizations' help in spreading the word to help us get people to Austin Tuesday for a House Transportation Committee hearing. Some very important bills will be heard: a bill to strip the Trans Texas Corridor from the transportation code (HB 11), a bill that would prevent tolls on existing roads (HB 13), and a BAD BILL dubbed a "local option" tax bill (HB 9/HJR 9) that literally can enact a tax on every mile you drive, a tax for driving during congested hours, and even a tax on a parking space (there are about a dozen total potential tax increases in this bill).

We need folks to testify or at least register in support of HB 11 and HB 13 and AGAINST HB 9/HJR 9 at the House Transportation Committee hearing Tuesday. Unfortunately, emails and phone calls do not make it into the official record (though they certainly let our representatives know where we stand). So if we don't show up for the actual hearing, our voices will be drowned out by the heaps of lobbyists who are paid to oppose the citizens' agenda.

The Committee office believes these bills will be taken up in the afternoon when the House adjourns. Plan to get there around 12 noon. If not at noon, come as soon as you can to register FOR HB 11 and HB 13 & AGAINST HB 9/HJR 9.

Hearing location: RM E2.014 in the Capitol extension building

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