Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More on tolling 290 East

Good comments from Andrew Hawkins of the fix290 group. Fix 290 has been working to implement a better solution on 290 West than the TxDOT plan for a massive elevated tollway. The fix290 group is interested in all the tolling plans around Austin, including 290 East.

Andrew adds more detail about Sarah Eckhardt’s covenants:

“Unfortunately, the covenants are not an absolute bar to this desperate and risky 183A/290E 'system' approach--the covenants provide a way to override the corridor restrictions by developing a statement of purpose, holding public hearings, and getting a 2/3rds vote from CAMPO.

“So I would add that the plan now is to hold those required hearings, and that is what CAMPO will be doing soon (as I heard from CAMPO staff). In my mind, that doesn't it anyway make this wacky proposal any more reasonable.

“In any case, just thought I would clarify this so folks are aware that these meetings will come up, probably sooner rather than later.”

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