Wednesday, October 15, 2008

If 183 A and 290 East form the beginning of a "system,' then system-wide meetings needed

I am excerpting some comments from Beki Halpin of fix290 about the concept of linking all the Phase 2 toll roads into a system, the need for system-wide public meetings, and CAMPO’s disrespect toward the citizens who took time to attend this meeting:

“This will also mean that if they connect these two disjointed and disconnected roads [183 A and 290 East] in to a ‘system,’ that they will then likely connect all the phase 2 toll roads to the same system, robbing revenue from any road that is making money to prop up others that are failing or need revenue to back construction bonds.

“ . . . hearings region wide as well as within the 290 E and 183 A corridors are required to turn these two roads into a ‘system.’ I think we need to require them to hold system wide meetings because all the phase 2 toll roads could become a part of the system. One of the CAMPO staff made a comment that they were not sure they would follow the letter of the law on this or ‘common sense.’ I later wondered if that meant they would hold as few public hearings as possible.

“There is also good reading on Sarah Eckhardt's blog:

“At the CAMPO meeting itself, no reason was given for pulling the item regarding 290 E from the agenda and no apology was made to all the citizens who came to speak about it.”

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