Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perry's emergency response not as good as advertised

KLBJ-AM has been covering the story--Ike vendors still waiting for state to pay.

Vendors who provided relief supplies and services in response to Hurricane Ike are still owed $134 million from the State of Texas. Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee heard from Jack Colley, the state’s director of emergency management, who was trying to get payment from the state for these vendors.

Steve Ogden, the senator whose district includes Williamson Co. and who is chairman of the Finance Committee, seemed unhappy that these bills had not been paid since he believed that the state already has the authority to pay. He said, “We are not broke; why aren't we paying these bills?''

“That's a good question,'' Colley responded, implying that the answer needed to come from the Governor’s office.

According to the KLBJ on-air report, the hold-up was in the Governor’s office.
Hasn’t Gov. 39% been touting his response to hurricane emergencies as one of his big accomplishments?

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