Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not playing nice

Sharp words already flying--earlier than you'd think for a 2010 race.


Regarding the "ambush" in the Senate Finance Committee of UTIMCO's Rowling, orchestrated by Perry and Dewhurst, the Houston Chronicle reports the back-and-forth between Perry and Hutchison. Hutchison accused Perry "of playing politics to embarrass one of her supporters," and Perry responded that she should be in Washington instead of Austin.

KBH: “I think the letter that was written the night before the hearing was not well thought out and it might have spurred some insensitive remarks that were made. It was kind of a set-up. And I think it was wrong."

Perry: "I think it's pretty hard to explain to Texans that you want to come to Texas and do another job when you can't even do the one that we've hired you to do."

I think that for this campaign, we can definitely say that chivalry is already dead.

No final votes were taken on the stimulus package while KBH was in Texas. She voted against Senate passage, as did all Republican senators except Collins, Snow, and Specter.


Will said...

KBH missed 6 votes on Friday night alone. One was to end funding for ACORN in the stimulus. It failed by an extremely narrow margin.

More than missing votes, it's unfortunate that she wasn't up there putting some pressure on her fellow Republican female Senators who tend to respect her opinions a lot.

suzeekew said...

The main thing that I think is interesting at this point in this race is that politically charged comments have already started going back and forth between the actual candidates. I had thought that things might start more slowly, beginning with surrogates.

As the Houston Chronicle points out, Perry only criticized KBH’s missed votes and not Cornyn’s, and claims, “Neither Hutchison’s nor Cornyn’s absence made any difference. Hutchison missed six votes on amendments . . . . One amendment passed unanimously. Only two were decided by fewer than 10 votes, and none by one vote.”

The most recent news that I have been able to find is that the funds for which ACORN could have competed have been taken out of the Senate version.

Of course, KBH will have to continue this tough balancing act of maintaining her presence in both Washington and Texas throughout the campaign, since she cannot risk depriving the Republicans of a Senate seat, and Perry can continue pointing out that she is one place and not the other, wherever she may be.