Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rick Perry wants to protect landowners . . . NOT!

Kay Bailey Hutchison recently chastised Gov. 39% for trying to take private land for his Trans-Texas Corridor. She wrote: "Are you concerned that our state government ignores private property rights and property owners in a quest to cover our state with massive Toll Roads?" The Gov is trying to answer her by calling for a constitutional amendment that repeats the eminent domain legislation passed in 2005.

However, as rightly pointed out by Linda Curtis of Independent Texans, Perry VETOED "the REAL REFORM eminent domain bill (HB 2006) back in 2007," thus angering many erstwhile Perry supporters like the Texas Farm Bureau, that had worked hard for the HB 2006. Perry said he vetoed this bill because its extra protections for landowners would cost the state millions of extra dollars. What this really means that landowners will be done out of THEIR millions of dollars by the state without the extra protections that are NOT in the existing legislation and will NOT be in Perry's constitutional amendment.

As Linda puts it, "Rick Perry is trying--again--to sell us a bunch of snake oil. What's the Governor really up to? Well, of course, he's running for Governor again. What's more, Perry's playing us with his shell game as he continues efforts to grab Texans' land."

Hutchison has a really strong issue in the eminent domain/toll road network situation that she is already using in her campaign. Linda advises that Hutchison needs to NOT let Perry get away with trying to pull the wool over our eyes with his FAKE eminent domain protection for landowners. Linda asks, "What is Kay Bailey Hutchison going to do about this? It sure looks to us like a shot by Perry over her bow! She needs to step up and take this guy on."

"So, here's what you can do. Call or write to Kay Bailey Hutchison. Ask her to take Perry on. Tell her that you, and thousands of Texans, know that Perry couldn't care less about Texans' property rights. If he did, he wouldn't have vetoed the real eminent domain reform bill in the last session, nor our moratorium bill on the Corridor and freeway tollways. Tell her she can stand up for Texans property rights, for a real transportation plan and for REAL TxDOT reform. Tell her that if she will start calling the Governor on his slithery and dishonest ways, you'll be there for her."

Email Senator Hutchison here:

Or contact the Washington office:

284 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-4304
202-224-0776 (FAX)
202-224-5903 (TDD)

or the Austin office:

961 Federal Building
300 East 8th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
512-916-5839 (FAX)

Linda would like to hear about efforts to reach Hutchison on this. She says, "If you hear back from her, please let us know how it goes. Thanks y'all. Let's keep in close touch as the Texas Legislative Session heats up."

You can reach Linda at:

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