Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take the poll about tolling 290 East

If you have an opinion on tolling 290 East, Jim Lutz has created a poll to register your opinion.
His poll is on his website bolaman. Just click on this link:

The poll asks for names and zip codes, but the names will not be published. A notice about this poll will appear in this Thursday's Manor Messenger.

Jim said, "I have had only a few comments about the proposed lawsuit in opposition to the 290 E latest toll plan. I thought it would be worthwhile to create an online poll similar to one created a few years ago about whether local citizens support or oppose the latest TxDot/CTRMA 290 toll plan. I am not personally a litigant but I think the results may have an impact one way or the other....The toll poll can be found at ...."

This toll poll announcement has been sent to the ACRE email list and the Blackland Prairie Concerned Citizens list.

Please see the previous post about donating to the lawsuit against tolling 290 East.

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