Thursday, May 7, 2009

Report on House debate of TxDOT Sunset Bill--live Thursday night

Leibowitz amendment 57 to not allow conversions of free to toll lanes unless on MPO plan prior to September 2005.
Approved amendment to amendment 57 to allow Grayson Co. project that is started to continue.
House considering allowing members to register opposition to controversial amendments until 5 p.m. tomorrow. Don't know if repealing TTC is considered controversial.
Now they have gotten into red-light camera issue. Amendment to give TxDOT authority over these cameras. Amendment to the amendment proposed that sounds like weakening the red-light camera situation. Fussing breaks out. Amendment to amendment adopted. Menendez objects. Said cameras are in place as local control, shouldn't give state authority. As I understand it, the camera situation IS controversial in the Legislature right now, so this discussion could go on for some time.
Possibly tomorrow, there will be some news on the amendment to repeal TTC. Over and out for now.

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