Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving thanks for some anti-Corridor folks

On this day before Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of some of the people who have fought against the Trans-Texas Corridor for the past several years, and I’m giving thanks for them.

Unfortunately, two of these influential people are out of combat right now. Sal Costello has moved to Illinois, and David Stall’s time is totally dedicated to helping Shoreacres, where he is city administrator, recover from Hurricane Ike.

Luckily, Marcia and Ralph Snyder are still fighting against the Corridor, and they have won an award for it.


Sal was the founder of People for Efficient Transportation and Texas Toll Party. He started his transportation activism fighting the toll road plans in Austin, then added the fight against the Corridor to his efforts. His blog The Muckracker was full of research and the scandalous doings of “tollers,” including local and state office holders. Sal never pulled his punches or minced words. He was threatened with at least one lawsuit, but as far as I know no lawsuit against him was successful.

Ben Wear discusses Sal’s anti-toll career in his Statesman column.

Sal has recently moved to a very small community in Illinois where he and his family are finding the peace and quiet that eluded them while Sal was going full steam ahead against toll roads and the Corridor.

What was to be his last Muckracker post is entitled “I Say Good-bye,” although when I went back to check, I see that Sal has posted a couple more times. Maybe he will continue to comment on the Austin and Texas transportation scene from time to time. To see his account of his efforts and the reasons for his move, go to
and scroll down to 11/09/2008.

I'm covering David Stall and the Snyders in subsequent posts.

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